CS371g Summer 2020: Andrew Yin

This past week, My partner and I finished up the deque project and fixed some bugs. I also started rewatching The Mentalist with my dad. We also went for a walk near the 360 bridge this morning. It was nice to finally get out of the house a little.

Motivation is a bit of an issue right now. I’m learning a lot in the lectures, but it’s a little tough for me to force myself to sit down and work on the projects. The graph project might be a little tough; I haven’t really spent very much time learning graphs.

Next week, I’ll probably get started on the last project and maybe study a little for the upcoming test. Probably watch some more TV too. Hopefully this project won’t take too long.

I thought the back_insert_iterator was an interesting adapter, especially how it could basically reshape the copy() code to just add the elements to the end instead of overwriting. It’s interesting to see the differences between Java and C++ while learning about these data structures since there’s nothing like this (that I know of) that does this. Graphs and stacks were pretty straightforward; they’re pretty similar in both languages. I liked how stack just basically used only push_back and pop_back of its container.

TV shows and video games have mostly kept me occupied during this time. It’s a little stressful worrying about how I’m going to get through my classes next semester since they’re basically all online.

We ordered food off DoorDash, which was basically the first time we’ve had restaurant food for a couple of months, so that was pretty cool.

Going over basic algorithms and reviewing concepts learned a while ago can be very helpful. I’ve been doing so occasionally and I think it’s helped me finish the projects more efficiently.



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